Why Asian Fit?



Asian Fit Reading Glasses

Reading glasses don’t have to define your style. Break out of the boring, ill-fitting options and slip into something truly comfortable – beautiful reading glasses that provide a perfect fit. 

Each style of Asian Fit Readers is designed with Asian features in mind, taking into consideration the unique details of different faces, and truly creating a piece that will blend in seamlessly with your lifestyle. 

Designed by industry veteran Alexandra Peng, the designer of TC CHARTON Asian Fit Eyewear, Asian Fit Readers are made to be worn just as you would wear regular prescription glasses. Pairing optical grade lenses with handcrafted, luxury eyewear; Asian Fit Readers are the perfect solution for your reading glasses needs while keeping a youthful look.

Why Asian Fit?

Most eyewear products are designed to fit Caucasian features. It’s why most Asians and many people from other ethnicities have a difficult time finding glasses and sunglasses that don’t slide down their noses or rest on their cheekbones.

Reading glasses prove to be an even larger obstacle for people with Asian features. Reading glasses are designed to sit lower on the nose, so most of them are made with a much wider nose bridge. However, on people with low and narrow bridges, regular readers sit far too low and in many instances, fall right off.

Combatting the issue of ill-fitting readers and the desire to wear fashionable eyewear; Asian Fit Readers are designed to provide luxurious and fashionable solution that fits beautifully. With an extensive selection of options, Asian Fit Readers allows you to pick the perfect pair of reading glasses that won’t add years to your appearance with your choice of lenses. Gone are the days of dreading wearing reading glasses – it’s time to embrace your individuality and wear your readers with confidence.